Monday, October 18, 2010

Arrived in Kharkov (Soltivka)

Hi Family,
Ok ya mother that was alot of questions. Yes my PDay is on Monday. Today we played soccer and football. It was pretty fun. We also went to the store and bought all our food for the week. 360,05 Greevin. Yep it's pretty cool here so far. Really really cold and what not.
I went to my branch yesterday and it was fun. I am serving in Kharkov North 2 Branch. It's a pretty big city. But only 25-35 people come to out the branch. We only had 20 yesterday tho. The branch president seems pretty solid so that's good. President Fry is a pretty cool guy. Really excited about the work and what not. I only get to serve under him for a year tho so I'll have two years with two different Presidents. My companion's name is Elder Hess and he is from Alpine, Utah. He is a pretty funny guy. I really like all the guys in my zone. They are great.
We have taught one lesson so far and it was pretty good. It was to this crazy lady named Victoria. I don't know how to describe her yet. I don't understand much Russian yet, but I can pick out a few words here and there so I gan get the jist of it.
I'm surprised at how much American stuff is here. They have old spice and axe, so I won't be hurting for cleaning supplies or what not. But they don't have peanut butter. Bummer I know. But they have a McDonalds in every city so that's cool.
On my first day here, we did some contacting. Ya I didn't get anyone cuz all I can say is Hey I wanna talk to you about this book. Alot of people will just ignore you as well. They are kind of mean. Honestly I don't know where I live. Just somewhere in Kharkov Ukraine in a dome. Domes are what they call apartment buildings. If you looked on google Earth you would spot a billion of them because they are everywhere-- Thanks to Russian Communism. I guess my apartment is considered one of the nicer ones. But it's the only one I've been in so I can't go off of anything. All in all it was a good few days here. I love it and love it. It's sweet.
Ok so here is the mission home address. This is where all my stuff has to be sent if you wanna send me something.
         Elder Eric Garlock
         Prospekt Bogdana Khmelnitskogo 67a
So if you wanna send me letters our something or a package then that's where they go.
I love you all and I will email next week. I'll have much more.

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