Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 5

Мая Семья,

Hello my family. Things here are fun in the good ole Ukraine area. This week was a little bit more successful.

We got a contact named Victor and he seemed really interested in what we had to say so he took a book and we got his number. We met with this inactive lady who is a little crazy because she calls the Church your church and when she said the prayer she blessed the Mormons. So we have some stuff to talk about with her.

We met with this previous investigator Ира. And she is this older lady who smokes and drinks and seems to have some problems with her self esteem and what not. As we talked to her she seems just a little out of life mostly. And I could feel that she isn't really into life at the moment. It was just so sad to feel it even tho I had no idea of what what was being said. The spirit was just telling me that we needed to find a way to help her. So Hess and I are gonna figure out what we can teach her to make her feel like she is worth something. Cuz like Joseph Smith said, "Every soul is great in the eyes of God." So Pray for us.

We also met this one guy contacting, Andrei, who is a younger guy and he was really interested in what we were saying to him. He took a book and we got his number. It was good. We hope to meet with him this week. Andrei was good because we were going to give up with contacting for the day and we stumbled upon him so it just proves that God does put people in our path. I hope he is ready and willing to accept what we have to offer him. Cuz I know that this Gospel changes lives. I know it has changed mine significantly.

On to what Ukraine is like. First off, people really dont live in houses here. They live in things called Домы(Translation: Domes). I cant really explain them to you guys but I have a few pictures of them so I will send those to you. It is insane here. No one here knows how to drive and not to mention they dont even obey the laws. Ya its crazy here.

Thank you for all the support and love you have given me.

Love you all,


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