Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday Letter 8/10/10

Ok parental's and whoever reads this,

Things have gotten much easier and the birthday package I received was awesome. Thank you all for your input in that. We will become very fat missionaries!!!!!! I think it was the greatest present to ever get while on my mission for my birthday. Mom, we also all loved the brownie cake you sent via dearelder. It was so good and very delectable!!!! Thank you again. Shoot, I dont know where to start with many things.

The days have gone by a bit faster and will hopefully get faster. I learned a bit about prayer in Pycckn(Russian). The 'n' is supposed to be backwords and it makes the ee sound. I'll explain when I can. I can say a few thinks and I'm learning more as it goes. It's really quite amazing how they speak. I never thought I would enjoy it this much. The worst part is the grammer and having to remember how to conjugate it and what goes where. I'll struggle with that probably forever, so I'm not sweating that too much. My teachers have been sweet. Brother Savage is like a recent return missionary from Russia. He is pretty bomb. I like him. Brother Wood is about 25 and knows how to speak it very well. And brother Ponzoch is really helpful with conjugation and what not.

I dont get to see the others all too much, but I look for them everyday. I wish I could see them all the time. But I guess this is mission life huh. I'm starting to actually get into it a little bit, so that's been a relief to me throughout this week. I have 10 more weeks to go....... 10 or 9...... I forget. Oh well. Ya, the days go a little slower sometimes, but I'm getting into the routine. This one elder from the spanish branch has been here for 17 weeks because he blew out his acl. That really sucks. I would just wanna get out there already. I also saw Randy Cox and Colton Houston the other day. I was surprised because I thought they already left. It was refreshing. I also dislike not being able to be alone ever. It is frustrating. This companion thing is gonna take a while for me to get used to.

Getting up at 6:30 every morning is taking a toll. It's hard to keep myself awake in class. Sometimes I won't even notice that I nod off till my head hits the wall. It's really crazy. By the way I got two engrown toenails...... ha ha ha......... I got to go off the MTC for an hour or so to get them cut out. It was pretty sweet and weird. I have pictures for you guys to look over ha ha. I thought I would take a before, a bandage after surgery shot, and a no bandage after soaking shot. They are pretty intense. I grossed myself out.

Anyways, it's just getting better and more amazing. I love it and I want the Ukraine to come. I miss and love you all.

Elder Bubba Garlock

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LaRene said...

We love reading your (Bubba's blog! How did you get the weather and time? Soooo cool! LOVE IT and you even added Morgan!!! FUN!
Thanks so much!!