Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hi to everyone---

Alright. Week three is just about ended and I cant even tell how long I've actually been here. Its insane.

I just got back from the temple and its always a great experience in there. I love it. I understand that Mo Tab(Ugh) is the only approved music but I only ask for one song, "The Way He Was Raised" by Josh Turner. That is my only request. And the Mo Tab. So thats it.

Um for my and gray like my suit pants. maybe some like my other suit. I dont know how to explain it. Washable is def. good to have. 36 32s of course. I've stayed the same. Nate is a light weight. ha ha.

I don't have to speak full on Russian till my last two weeks here. Its harder than French. We are the top dogs here at the MTC. Or so we think.

The only food I ever enjoy is when its Papa John's on Friday night. Tell Shawna it's the bomb. We have it every Friday.

I miss real food. (sad face, tear).

It's hard for me to pray in Russian. For some odd reason the prayer words just dont stick. and I try and I try. I dont know what will work, but I'm doing my best. Its frustrating. But learning other things is easy like my testimony and the first vision. The prayers just wanna frustrate me.

Anyways. Can I suggest that I be sent some chedder cheese pringles with mountain dew. I crave them. I would appreciate chips. and I do love the candy, don't get me wrong mother.

When I'm not in class I'm either eating or getting the mail. Thats pretty much it. We have no free time. And we havent been talked to by any general athourities yet. Sadly we havent. I want to tho.

I love and miss ytou all so very very dearly. Oh and If I spell things wrong and don't capatilize things then i am becoming none lingual. and please thank and kiss Todd for my blessing.

Eric Garlock, your son.

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