Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hi Family,

I honestly lost track of the days and I'm not sure what week it is. This is getting crazy and fun. I miss you all but I'm loving the Russian and I'm enjoying my companion a little bit more.

I received the package. I loved it. Thank you mother. Lots of good candies and what not. My candy stash is looking like a pharoah's tomb.

So this week we are saying goodbye to the other districts of Russian speaking missionaries. We are picking new zone leaders and district leaders. I dont know who they will be.

I'm excited to be a part of this group. We will do wonders together.

This week has been more of a spiritual and humbling week for me. It's crazy to think that I'm no longer a part of an outside world. It's not easy to transition from the world to this.

But other than that going to the temple is a totally different experience when you go through as a missionary. It's a lot more meaningful and I understand so much more when I'm actually in there. I have become closer to the Lord and the Savior through my temple experiences. I love every second I'm in there. I got to get all the time I can get because I won't be near a temple in Ukraine, so I won't step foot in for the next half of my mission.

The food is doing a number on my digestive system and I'm in the bathroom every night at about 10:30 breaking a toilet. Its not pleasant at all. I eat at the temple tho everytime I go so it's a nice break from MTC food. I had biscuits and gravy this morning with sausages and hashbrowns. It was delish.

By the way, I email at this time basically every tuesday so we wont be able to talk. I'm sorry mother. I still love you.

Well give the children and everyone else my love. I love you all.

Your son, Me

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