Saturday, August 28, 2010

MTC 7/28-8/24

Elder Hoopes • Elder Overstreet • Elder Garlock
Leaving Sky Harbor 7/28/2010

Safe arrival at the Provo MTC.

Beginning the adventures of Elder Bubba.

• Studying •

Elder Perry--First companion

The 'Field of White' heading to the Provo Temple
A regular sighting on Sunday afternoons.

Mountain behind the temple
Notice the Angel Moroni---my favorite!

Jordan and I in front of the temple.

Side of the temple.

Elder Perry • Elder Garlock • Elder Seitz • Elder King • and friends

Front of the Provo Temple--
It's basically glorious!

Samuel H. Smith and me.

Cream Soda Tree
They say it smells like cream soda, so naturally, I had to sniff it.

Brownies sent from Dear Elder by mom.
Is this how you cut brownies??! It was a hit!

Funny sign that makes me laugh!

Ingrown toe nails---before and after---glad I could share!
 •The District•
Elder Shorthill • Elder Perry • Elder Garlock • Sister Howell • Sister Young • Sister Bisinger •
Elder Russell • Elder Seitz • Elder King

Love this place!

• The Zone •

My name tag. I can read it, can you?!

My awesome birthday package.

Elder Rhodes suspended himself for at least 8 seconds.

Elder 'Grandma' Bake--he dressed up like a grandma for one of
our meetings and was talking like one. He is hilarious!

They started training us with light sabers last week.
Being a missionary isn't what it used to be!

I am the best light arrow archer in my zone.
I am ready to fight Satan in the Ukraine!

Hanging out---next to me is Elder Mills.

Elder King---all alone.

• The Zone •

Elder Perry
and his birthday suspenders--sent from a girl!

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