Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Letter 10/5/10

Hey Family,

Well here it goes.

Sorry this isn't to you sooner, but today has been hectic.

We went to the temple, did an endowmment session and then did sealings. It was awesome. I have a greater testimony of etenal families now. I'm so glad I got to participate in that.

Conference. Where do I start. It was very different watching it here. I've never watched a Saturday session before except for the Priesthood session. That was an experience. I have never felt the spirit so strong until I was in a room with a bunch of missionaries who are out here for the same reasons as I.

It was something that I know for myself that I will never forget. My favorite speakers are always Holland Uchdorf and Monson. The spirit those men bring is just amazing everytime they talk. I would listen to them talk all day if I could. I think this Conference was really for me. They talked alot about missionary work and the Holy Ghost. Those go hand in hand in case you didn't know. It made me realize how important the Holy Ghost is in everything that we do in our lives.

It is what speaks to us and what helps us decide on the way we choose.

I had to reflect back on many things that I have done throughout my life. The things I could have avoided if I just listened to what the spirit told me. What I could have accomplished if I just heeded its counsel. I haven't cried so much since I've been here. When the spirit testifies to you of truth, it can get so overwhelming that you can't contain it.

I am so very thankful for my time here. I am thankful for you, my family. I love you all. Mom, Dad. Thank you for all that you have done for me. And not giving up on me. I dont know where I would be. You all mean the world to me. Without you I have nothing and I am nothing. Dont give up. No matter what your trials may be. It is always worth it to heed the counsel of the Holy Ghost. It is never wrong and you will always benefit from it. Never give up and never disregard the counsel that has been given this Conference.

Ok now onto the juicy stuff. I got my flight plans. Yay! I leave next Tuesday.

I leave Salt Lake at 8:44 am I arrive in New York around 3 or so and I have two hours there. So I was gonna call around 4 or so depending on how things are at the airport. Well lets just say that I think if you all wanna hear from me be around the phone from 3 to 5. I forgot my flight plans as I am writing this so that is my gestimation. Sorry. I know I'm horrible. Maybe I'll get to email before I leave so I will have better details. Who knows. I'm sorry. I fly to Vienna then on to Donetsk so No train ride. Yay!

Love you all,


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