Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 2

Hello my family!!!!!!!!

How is it in AZ right now? Probably still a little warm huh. Ya it's pretty much freezing here right now in my area. My area is called Saltivka 1. Nobody wants to talk to you and if they do talk to you they just wanna argue with you about doctrine. Oh its loads of fun watching my trainer get at it with a couple JDubs. Gosh no success is hard. We have one investigator that we can never meet with. Her name is Victoria and she is always too busy to meet. So its always just my trainer and I contacting up and down the streets of Harkob. It's cold and the sidewalks are muddy and lopsided. Its hard. They say the temple has opened up so many hearts but thats not true for here. No one is open. Ya some will take a book here and there but they won't give their info or anything so the book is just wasted on them. Ugh!!!

Now that I'm done venting. Everything is fun here. I actually do love it but those were just small feelings I have had for a few days. It's really a nice place and we have run into some very nice people. Unless they are drunk and ask you for money and get mad cuz you wont give them any. Ya that's just funny. But the people in our branch are really nice and really strong members. They know their Gospel stuff that's for sure. I enjoy the time I get to spend with them. This Wednesday was the first day I got to teach English and it was hard cuz I only know how to speak it. And I have to speak slow for them to actually understand me. It's frustrating sometimes. But I enjoyed it a lot. This week we are going to talk about what we do in America for Halloween cuz they are curious to know.

The elders in my district are really good guys. They are funny and we have some fun times together. We have a German in our group and he is hilarious. His name is Tilgner. His English is really good. And his Russian is pretty good too. I like him alot. Elder Hess is patient and good at teaching me how to become a good missionary. We laugh a lot. He is a great elder. We work good together.

Mother mother mother. You really need to get to sleep. Late nights are not good.

Our contacting is mainly done on the street and it's really really hard. Tracting is knocking doors and what not and it is not fun. Guess we need to find out what the Lord wants us to do.

The food in Ukraine is actually really good. They have these bakery places that make all sorts of wierd bakery items. They are pretty tasty. I don't know how to explain them. They have these things called Sharmas here. There are Arabian based but they are so good. I have fell in love with them. They don't have them in America and it's a shame.

We have made macaroni and cheese which was really really good. We have made sweet and sour chicken which was really good because they have chilly ktchup here and it added some spice to it. We had Gyros which is Greek and really good. We made snickerdoodles that I can't cook, but although burned they tasted good. I can't remember what else, but they were really good. Everthing is good here.

There are no kids in our branch just people 20 and older. So ya that's our branch. It's pretty small about 30 people or so.

Yes mother I am staying warm. I miss the heat oh so much!!!!!!!

Well that is all I have for this week. I hope all is well in AZ.

I love you all and wanna hear from you.


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