Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 3

 • Soltivka at sunset •

 My family,

Oh I keep track of the days just as you do except it is not the first for you yet I believe but I could be wrong. Things are going much better this week.

We taught our English Class about Halloween and they enjoyed it because they dont celebrate it here at all. We taught them words and stuff that they loved. It was good. We got a contact named Артёр, he is golden. He listens to our spiritual thoughts and askes questions and stuff. He is good. And he speaks English well and he understands it really well. I like to share scriptures in English with him. But we aren't sure if he is an investigator yet so we'll keep trying for him. He would be good.

We also ran into a woman named Natasha. She was a contact we got near our dom and she was really nice and really open to hearing about our message. She even asked us if we had the Holy Ghost and then she blessed us after I bore my testimony to her about the Book of Mormon. It was good and I know she felt the Spirit as we were talking to her. So we will see how it goes with her this week.

We will have our zone conference next week and I am looking forward to that. Elder Hess says it is usually pretty good.

Yesterdey we ran into some guys who were a little drunk, well one of them was pretty drunk. The guy I talked to was drunk. And they had a problem with us calling ourselves Elder Hess and Elder Garlock and they think we should tell them our first names. Ya they were weird. My guy asked me how much money I earn when I am here. I had to tell him three times that we didn't recieve any money for our service here. Ya he wasn't really on the ball so Elder Hess and I just said goodbye and walked away.

For Christmas hmmmmmmmmmm......... I'm not really sure. I would really like my Volcom jacket from home and maybe a pouch backpack. I'm sure you've seen them, they have black strings for straps usually and are like small pouches for carrying things in them. That makes carrying things on P-Day easier for me. You could send me cooking supplies too as well like, chocolate chips, taco seasoning, vanilla, peanut butter, brown sugar, Mapline stuff for making maple syrup, ya thats about all they dont have here. Ukraine is missing out on somethings. All the things I listed is stuff you cant get in Ukraine. Its crazy. So, that's what I want and you can send me other things as well if you so desire to do so.

By the way here is a good way to make sure things dont get stolen out of my package.

1. Write my name exactly as follows: Священик Гарлок. Do it exactly like that ok. The word means preist and that is my name in Cyrillic. People dont mess with things of God here. And they also dont respect our real title like they do this one.

2. Put pictures of Jesus on my package. They won't mess with it so I've been told.

So those are the things that will deture them from stealing things in my package.

I study out of the BoM mother. The Good Word for sure. Elder Hess is a cool guy. I like him alot. He is a great missionary and a great trainer. He has taught me a lot. Yes we listen to the music everyday. It is really good. I love it. When we get home we plan and make phone calls.

Thank you all so much for all you do for me. I love you all so very much and can't wait to hear from you again.

Elder Bubbs

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