Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week 6

Hello family,

This week was a very good week. Ya know besides the whole being cold and what not. But I'm staying warm and everything is ok.

This week was good but really hard. We didn't have very many meetings with people and it involved a lot of contacting and rejections.

We got 24 other lessons with random people and I believe four books handed out. We recieved a few contacts and they seem very promising.

We had a meeting with Сестра Алиса last night. She is an old woman who is failing in health. She is really nice but has a hard time talking. I'm not sure if I told you about her yet.

So we had a quick lesson with her about prayer and we told her that praying everyday is a very good way to have Heavenly Father bless us. She said that she has forgotten how to pray so she cant do it. But we pray in front of her all the time so I know that she knows how to. I dont know what the problem is, but we had a long silence with her and it was really hard. I didn't know what I was supposed to say or anything. So we left her with a commitment to pray every morning and every night. I dont know if she will, but I sure hope she does because it would help her out so much. I know that's true and I told her that. So I'm praying she does it.

Other than that we had a lesson with our English class and we brought them Banana Cake and they all loved it. First off Banana Cake is so delicious. We've made it a lot. Yep, good.

We had a lesson with them about animals and animal sounds. It was good because they are really good with English, so they knew a lot and they catch on really fast. We had a spiritual thought on why we are here on this earth and what we need to do to prepare to meet God. It was a very good lesson.

So to mention we are doing this whole Charitable Army of God thing in our zone and our zone leaders came up with it and we got to choose this week what we did and Hess and I decided to wake up at like 5:45 and go over to the other elders' apartments and make them breakfast. We went to all but one companionship. We are going to them on Tuesday. They love it! But our previous assignments were to pick up 35 cigarette butts and to sing a song to a babooshka and make cake for an inactive and my personal favorite to write a mancrush letter to an Elder in the mission. I loved that assignment. I wrote mine to Elder Young. He loved my mancrush letter. It was good fun.

They have alot of amazing ties here. Like big fat ones. I love them. I only bought seven which only amounted to about 30 bucks in US Dollars. I only spend a hundred here. By the way the ties are like a missionaries dream here. I'm not this crazy but Elders have like a hundred or so ties that they have bought since being here. Ya thats extreme. The norm is about 50 ties. I will aciure that much by the time I leave the country. So ya I love fat ties. We dont have them in america which is a shame. I love the ones I bought. They are so sweet.

So this is my last week in Saltivka North. I am getting transfered on Friday. I dont know where I'm going yet but I am staying in Harkob so I don't have to move very far. Elder Hess is moving back down to Donetsk so we have to part ways. He has been a great trainer. I have learned so much from him. I will no longer be a greeny. They say there are three parts to being a greeny. Your first transfer, your trainer and your area. I get rid of all three of those my first shot. All the other greenies are staying in their areas. But I will miss this place. So all of you pray I go somewhere good.

As always I miss and love you all,


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