Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 7 • 11-29-10

Companion #2 Elder Lott from Georgia 11-26-10 thru 1-7-11
Soltivka North

Dear Family,

Hello from the deep dark skys of Ukraine. It is about 8:50 right now and I am sitting in an internet club typing you this wonderful email. As you all know I was transferred on Friday and I was moved to an apartment about 40 minutes away at a medium pace walking. I was assigned a new companion, Lott. He was in my district before but he was with another elder. I am in a different area but our areas were combined and my last apartment was closed. So lots of work to be done with members because we are the only two elders in our branch now.

My new companion is from Georgia. He has an awesome Southern accent and it is rubbing off on me. He is pretty legit. Everyone in the mission loves him cuz he is really funny. I was hoping to get sent to the German in my mission but Shorthill got sent to him. But Lott is tight it doesn't bother me that I got sent to him. We have some funny talks at night.

On Friday I was on a split with my Zone Leader cuz both our companions went down to Donetsk. We went contacting for a couple hours and ran into some interesting people. One guy that started to speak to us in English and he was saying that he knows all about the world and ancient religions. We wondered what that had to do with our message. So we talked to him for a little and he was like guys honestly your message is worthless to me and I don't need it. My zone leader, Barton, just said sir one day you will know our message is true and I hope for your sake that it isn't too late for you. Hope he sees the light one day.
We also ran into this other guy who spoke really good English but he was a Pagan. Which was weird because it was the first Pagan that I have ever ran into. He talked about how his religion is more ancient than any other religion and how life is survival of the strongest and how he is a warrior and a lot of crazy things like that. I was just like wow dude. I was telling him about the B.o.M. and he was like can you prove to me that God exists? I said no I can't prove that to you. Can you prove to me that your Pagan gods exist? Well according to science....... Stop. Science can't prove any of those things man. I ask you to put away your science and rely on a faith to God and pray and ask Him if He exists. I promise you that you will know, more firm than an answer from science, that you will know that He does exist. He said, Well I can't do that. Then I can't help you dude. All I ask is you pray about it.

Ya I know he didn't pray but all I can do is invite him to do so. Those are about the only people that we ran into on Friday.

That is about what happened this week. And concerning the language. Let's just say that it is getting better to speak but I can't understand as well. It is really hard because in Russian you can put your words like anywhere in the sentence and as long as it is in the right case you say it correctly. So I can't understand a lot because they use weird structures. But I try each and everyday to get better and better and I know that as long as I try to do it I know that I will accomplish it.

Oh but the weather is getting colder and colder. It hasn't snowed yet but it is getting there so I am preparing for it. I'm not exciting for it at all because I hate the cold weather. I would much rather it be really hot. I'm a desert rat.

Well thank you all for all you do. I love you and miss you.


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