Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 8 • 12-6-10

Elder Kontsadylo and Pap Lennin

P-day soccer at the turf field

Dear Family,

Привет привет! This is your boy from Ukraine. How are things going in my dwelling place of the heat called Arizona? I just thought I would say I miss the nice warm weather during the winter. I hate the cold so much and it snowed last week and it snowed yesterday. Now everything is frozen and I can't feel my body parts. It is a drag. I have this one to go through and then another one. Can't wait till those are over. I am definitly против winter that's for sure.

Well let me tell you a little bit about the area right now. I was switched to North Soltivka 2 but I am still in the same Branch and North Soltivka 1 was closed down and its area got merged with my new one. So it is just North Soltivka now. I was moved to another apartment. It is called Little America because it the most American style apartment in the mission. My new companion is Chaz Lott. He is a a guy from Georgia with an awesome southern accent and let's just say that it has rubbed off on me a lot and it is funny.

A little experience for you. Yesterday in church this guy named Sergei walked in. We talked to him for a bit and it turns out he just sorta saw the church and decided to try it. Well it was Fast and Testimony meeting. What a great time to just decide to come to our church. We asked him if he had a Book of Mormon and he said no. So we gave him one and he took and he read the first few pages and he just loved it. He said that it was the most amazing book he has ever read. We were like oh dang! So we took him to class after that and taught him the first lesson and we read with him Moroni 10:3-5 and he said that he could feel that this true and he gained a testimony right there. Oh my gosh it was so legit. He is what we call a golden investigator. Lott tried to put him on date but he is in military school and he is going back to it today and he won't be back till April so I hope he keeps reading and praying about the book. Gosh It was so awesome!!

Well our area is now bigger and we have the branch to ourselves. So we got a lot of work this winter, which is really good cuz I want this winter to go by so fast cuz I can't stand this weather one bit.

I love you all,


P.S. Ron says hi

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