Saturday, February 19, 2011


Marriage alter--everyone gets their picture taken here after they get married.

Our church building.

Our Christmas portrait---Elder Bubba and Elder Lott

Orthodox Temple in Center Harkov

 Statue of the Russian author Tolstoy

Dear Family,

Well another week has gone by in this wonderful land of Ukraine. I'm sorry to say that I really don't have any stories from this week cuz no one wants to stop and talk and people are "sick" and can't meet or it's too cold to meet. Ya, I just wanna say that Ukrainians are wimps and just don't wanna change and when they get one cough or the weather changes then they are just way too sick to meet. It's annoying. So all we get to do is contact and no one wants to talk because it's too cold outside and it gets dark at around 3:30.

But luckily this week is better and we have people that will meet with us so it's not too bad.

Hmmmmm.... well things are getting colder and there is a nice layer of snow that is covering the ground. There is white all over the place. But I can't really do anything because I am serving the Lord. But we do get to find these awesome ice slides on the road and we entertain ourselves with those. They are pretty legit.

Ok-- I actually have one story from this week. I almost died. It was bad on my part. So at our church building in Soltivka there is a granite ramp. And it has a little side to it like a railing. And it is slipperier (not a word. Yes I know this mother. ;) ) than the ramp itself. So I tried to slide on it and lo and behold I couldn't keep my balance and I fell straight on my back from about 3ft. up. Not that bad. But I got the wind knocked out of me. It was pretty funny tho. I enjoyed it. But don't worry mother, I am ok and everything is fine.

Well that was pretty much it and I will have the calling information next week cuz Lott and I have to talk about it.

My companion and I just talked and it would be the best if you called at 10am your time and 7pm my time. So that will be perfect. I cant wait to talk to you on the 25th. It will be amazing. 050-388-3021
Love you all,


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