Saturday, February 19, 2011


Cleaning out the basement in the dom--Christmas service project 12-16-10

The Human Foosball Game!!

The Christmas Dinner

Spaghetti Towers

Oh Family of Mine,

Well it has been a week of just cold. It snowed a few times and we shoveled the church building again. Oh and yesterday I ate it yet again. Slipped and I felt like I broke my butt bone. My companion was howling with laughter and I just told him to leave me to my shame and go on without me. It was a sad day.

Last week was our Christmas party for the mission and the senior couples all spoke to us. It was really good. We cleaned out a dom on Thursday and let me tell you, it had a lot of just broken junk in the basement. A huge rusted pole. Broken glass upon broken glass. Ya, but there was a lot of us so it only took us two hours to clean it out. It was a lot of fun. The people that lived around there were getting all mad at as because we were putting the stuff behind the dom and they said we didn't have permission to do that and yade yada yada. But, we had a Ukrainian lady who owned the dom that talked to them and got it all worked out. They were still mad though.

Well we got back to the center branch building and President had us play a game of human foosball. We had some PVC pipes and we stood in the foosball set up and played a mean game. My team lost, so we didn't get to play in the finals. But it was a lot of fun so I wasn't complaining.

We had an interesting experience yesterday, Lott and I. Well first the funny and intereting one. We were trying to find this dom that this one Бабущка lives in. Let me tell you about the housing and address situation in Ukraine. There is no method to it at all. They haven't learned how to label there apartments yet so we couldn't find it for the longest time. But we were at this dom door trying to call her on her domaphone and these two guys walked out. One of them said to us" Hey it's Elder Lott and Elder......... Harlock oh I mean Garlock. Very nice to meet you. Meet my friend, Vladimer. He holds the Melchezidek Priesthood." Lott and I were like um.......... So he started talking to us and we could clearly tell that he was a little out of it because of Granpa's old cough suryp. He spoke in three languages, Ukrainian, Russian, and Kolob as he said. We were like ya that's weird. So we decided to walk away. Our other experience is one with a little Chinese kid named Zhang that got baptized in January. He asked us how he can keep his faith when he is around his friends and they are all doing stuff. I told him that he just needs to make a promise to himself that he won't do that stuff and that he will say no, no matter what will happen. For him, it all comes down to faith and the commitment he made in January.

Well things are good and life is grand.

Love you all,


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