Saturday, February 19, 2011


No Snow for American Christmas Day 12-25-10

Ukrainian Christmas Day 1-7-11 Funny snowman found while tracting

Dearest Family,

So we talked on Saturday and it was a good talk. I really loved it.

As I told you, we tried to put Sasha on date but he wasn't ready so we didn't, but we will try again this week. Things are going good here in Saltivka. We have a lot of work and many members to choose from so we have a full schedule so that is nice. It has gotten warmer these past few days, but we chalk it up as the calm before the storm, so it will get worse. January is supposed to be the coldest month I've heard. But don't worry about me. You know I'll be all tough about it.
Well life goes on as a missionary. I have been out five months and the time is flying and it is going good. I miss you all, but hey the Lord is my strength and things are good.

Love you and miss you,


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