Saturday, February 19, 2011


Family of Mine,

From the Ukraine С Новом Годом!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!

So let me tell you about this week. I went on a split with Shorthill, who is in my MTC group. We went to members in his area and we taught a lesson about Jesus and His birth. It was really good. but we don't really understand that much. It was pretty fun. But hey we got through it pretty great. Then I went on a split with Neil who is in his 10th or so transfer and he is my zone leader. Not to mention he is from Arizona and I played water polo with him and hung out with the same friends. It was legit to find that out. We met our investigater Sasha and we made him fried chicken and he loved it. We talked to him about baptism and we were going to get him on date, but once again he wasn't ready for it. So we got more work to do with him.

So Lott and I got back together and we met with Sister Eena, the old lady we take the sacrament to. We went to her on New Year's Day. So New Year's is really big in Ukraine. We stayed up till midnight and a ton of fireworks went off and everyone was yelling and just drunk and out of it. So we went to her house and she poured us some juice and stuff and she went to get us some meat jello (this stuff is so disgusting. Meat boiled and the fat jelloed around it. Just gross.) So she got us some of that and we cheered and we took a sip of juice and guess what........................... alcoholic. Ya we told her we couldn't drink it and she was like no no you can it's only a little. It tasted like it wasn't a little. So we had to talk to her about the Word of Wisdom. I didn't think I would have to do that with a member. Especially an older one. So that was my week and ya it was crazy.

Thank you for the presents I loved them. I love the shirt and everything I got. That scarf is helpful and the candy was good. The stocking is very very cute. I love it!. Thank you thank you.

But hey I am going to get transferred on Friday and I don't know where I am going yet, but I hope it is somewhere good.

I love and miss you all.


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