Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The Field is White and Ready to Harvest

Dear Family,

Well hello there there there in AZ. Whats up and on the Hip haps over there?

This week was slower but we did receive a referrel from Sasha. Her name is Katya and she teaches English to little kids and she seemed really interested in our message so hopefully that will go somewhere. We also had a meeting with Napoleon. He is a brother from Cameroon who had contact with missionaries six years ago and with time lost it. He is pretty legit and understands the Gospel so well. I hope to meet with him more and more and get him baptized sooner or later but as we all know sooner is better.

The weather here is getting better. I can just wear a smaller jacket and no hat which I like cuz I hate layers so much its rediculous.

Well this week Hazen and I got stopped by two cops. We were just contacting the first time and we walked by four cops. We thought we were safe but lo and behold the lead cops says, "Молодой людий. У меня!", which means, "Young people. At me." Or to me. Translations are great. So we went to them and he wanted to see our passports. Obviously he was bored and of course we are not from Ukraine so he hassles us a bit. Well he looked at our passports and noticed that my registration was in Donetsk and not in Harkov so he was confused so Hazen had to state that we are only up here for a few days visiting Harkov. So we got out of that. The second one was when we went to our branch building and as we got closer and closer to the building we heard that the alarm to the building was going off. We thought that was kind of weird so we got to it quickly and opened it up and turned it off and reset the alarm. We looked around the building and nothing had happened to it. The doors were all locked and all the windows were in order and everything. So we thought that was strange. Oh well we thought. So we got all comfy and waited for our lesson. Well 10 minutes later 2 cops walk in with full swat gear on. Bulletproof vest and legit helmets and everything. They asked us what we were doing and who are and what not. So once again We pulled out our passports and went through the shpeel. But this time he called into his department and asked about my name and who I was and what not. I was like oh crap. Well apparently they got it all in order and then they explained to us that if we get there and set the alarm after it is going off then just call them and tell them they don't need to come out. Well we know that now so we will for sure do that now. That was an adventure for sure.

Yesterday we visited Aleezasvyeta and gave her the sacrament. She is just so grateful for us and it makes me happy to see that we do actually make a difference in peoples lives. It's so good to see.

So a little about my fox hat. I will get a picture next time. It is redish like a fox and is pretty legit. I can't really explain well so I'll send a pic. I want a wolf one tho so I'm looking out for those. Its a souviner for me.

Today we have sports planned and we are going to play soccer and football with all the elders in Harkov so that is going to be great and then we will make our way down to Micky Ds for some grub, so that will be exciting.

For our laundry we have our own washer in our apartments and after we use those we put them on drying racks and air dry our clothes, so it is a little different than home.

Ya we heard about Japan. We were at a member's house and he let us watch a little bit of the news footage and it was bad. All those poor people who lost their lives. It's a sad time in the world these days.

Well I love you all and I cant wait to hear from you again next week,


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