Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dear Family!!!!!!!,

Well a lot has happened this week and when I say a lot I refer to one very significant time which happened on Thursday. But before we get to that I would like to say a few things about Monday night.

Monday night, as you all know is Family Night, and we met with our family, the Klooyevs. We talked about the temple and the work that is done there. I honestly really haven't had a testimony about temple work cuz I just kinda did it. But now that I am without a temple in the Ukraine in my mission I understand how important it is to have a chance to visit every now and then. As we talked about it, I understood that the temple is not just for me and my well being but it is a way to help those that didn't have the opportunity before to feel the temple work in their life. Even through death we are affecting peoples lives and doing what we can for them. I have gained a testimony about that and I know that temple work is true. Also on that family night Brother Klooyev complimented me on my progress in the language. As he said, "Ты молацый." Not that you would know but that is bad spelling. I was going off what it sounds like because I have never seen this word written down and I can't find it in the dictionary. But it means your are amazing or something to that effect. It made me feel really good.

Well on to what happened Thursday. On Thursday we had Zone Conference, but what made this one so good was we had President Shwitser, who is the Europe East President, come and talk to us. Ya know the big guy. The big cheese. The tip top. The guy my President reports to. Ya that guy. He was full of power and authority. He talked to us about how we could better use the Book of Mormon while prosilyting. I knew that what he said was true and after listening to what he had to tell us that the Book of Mormon is all we have to stand on. Without it we have nothing. Without it then Joseph Smith was a fraud and a liar and not worth the time we put into it here. But I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that everything written in it is of God. I am thankful for the BoM everyday because I know that I am out here on the Lord's errand and doing what he wants me to do. 2 years is short and I devoted this short time I have to the Lord and I am thankful to Him each and everyday that I am ALLOWED to be out here doing this great and marvelous work.

Thank you for all your support. You all know that I love you.

And Mom you're gonna hate me but I forgot to get a picture with my Shopka. I'm sorry. But I'll get it next week I promise.


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