Wednesday, March 30, 2011


From the Boy in Ukraine,

How is everything going for my Clan back home? I bet things are warm and beautiful and deserty like the way I left 8 months ago today. Oh dang!!! Ya I have been out 8 months exactly. Scary thought. Shoot man.  Time is going by now.

Well as you know I am in Ukraine(just a reminder in case ANY of you have forgotten me here). So this past week we met with our new investigator Katya. Our lesson with her was really good. The first time we met with her we told her how the Book of Mormon came about and about prophets. When she met with us the second time she started into it and asked us, "So last time you said that there are prophets on the earth. Well how can we know that they are real prophets?" Well boom she is obviously interested in what we have to say so that is a great sign. We gave her the first lesson and she was asking questions and being involved which is something missionaries love to see. So we committed her to read and pray and she said she would do that. So we are very hopeful for her and hope things work out with her. We also had a meeting with an inactive whose name is Luda. She was baptized over a year ago. We talked to her about coming to church and why we do it and we need it. She said she needed to start coming to church and she sounded really serious but she didn't come to church on Sunday so we were a little......distraught about that. So we'll have to get on her about that.

We met with the Rusanov Family and we found out something about their grandchildren that was a little upsetting. We found out that the grandchildren are not baptized. The boy, Dima, is 10 and the girl, Misha, is 8. We have no idea why they are not baptized or why their dad is not baptizing them. The grandparents are very upset about that cuz their son-in-law is being a larry and not doing what he should for those kids. So we have work to do with these kids and with the father. Hazen and I are very upset about it cuz on top of all that the father is not taking the children to church for the past 6 weeks and that is just wrong so we are bothered about that cuz those kids need to get baptized and the father is keeping them from it for some reason that we don't know and whatever the reason is it is not good enough. So that was our week in a nut shell.

Much love,


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