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Dear Family,

Hello from the Ukraine!!! How are things back home in AZ?

Things here are great. This week was pretty good. We managed to scrape up ten quality lessons. Last Monday we met with the Klooyev Family. They are a strong family and their son Victor served on a Mini Mission down in Donetsk. He is great.

The investigator we meet with is named Sergei. He is a professor that teaches English and he is practicaly a native. He is great. He knows the Bible so well. He reads it everyday. He is about forty years old and lives alone. Going over to his house is like going over to a friend's house. He treats us so well. A really nice guy. We have taught him basically everything and I think he understands everthing pretty well. I know that he knows what we teach him is true, but he just won't take the time to ask because he doesn't want to "quench" the spirit of God. We told him tht the only way he can know if our message is true is if he prays and asks. That's all we can tell him now. Gosh I love that man and it's sad to see him resist the spirit even when it is so strong when we are there.

We have another investigator named Sasha and he is an interesting guy. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and about the Plan of Salvation and why we are here. We asked him if he thought the BoM was true and he said yes but I don't think he meant it at all. He doesn't understand that authorty was lost and that we are the only true church with that authority on the Earth today. It's hard to get people here to understand that. It's so frustrating.

Some better news is that we are having a baptism on Saturday. A kid named Ali is getting baptized. He is someone that Pulsipher has met with before I got to him, so that is good. He is a great kid and knows the Gospel so well. Its a beautiful thing. So that is very exciting.

Well that is for he adventures in Ukraine.

I Love you all,


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