Saturday, February 19, 2011


From the Cold Freezing I Wish It Was Warmer Ukraine to you folks at home.

How are things back home? I hope warm and amazing as always.

This week has been great. We prepared for Ali's baptism and we had a few lessons.

On Tuesday I went on split with Elder Rader. He is our district leader and he is from Reno, Nevada. He is very smart kid and he is leaving in two transfers. He is training right now and his greeny is work and pretty crazy. With Rader all our lessons fell through and we contacted all night and then part of the next day. We handed out two books and got one referal for a guy who lives somewhere in America. Pulsy and I had a lesson with Sergei on Wednesday and it was good, but he still won't ask pray about it. But he is great and he treats us well so we love him. I hope to break him this transfer or next because I could possibly stay here another. Well a crazy story, when we left Sergei's it was a little past nine twenty. We got to our stop and got off and we were heading home when this guy started talking to us, but we decided to ignore him because he was pretty tipsy and we don't deal with that. So we kept walking. He started to yell at us as we were walking but we didn't pay attention to him. So as we were turning our corner Pulsy says they are running after us so I took off around the corner and just ran up to our door opened it then ran up to our apartment and fiddled for my keys, opened the door got all inside, shut it and locked both doors. This is another thing that proves we are not in a very safe area and it is scary at night. Other than that, our week was better. We went to Barabashova (a huge market full of people who sell many different things) and bought Ali a white shirt and a tie. It was great. The baptism was on Saturday and it was a great service. It was the first baptism that I have ever been to and hey it was in Russian. Crazy. Well Sunday wasn't good. I was sick all day and I couldn't go out so we had to stay in my apartment. Today I feel a little better so that's good.

I hope things are great back home. I love and miss you all so much,


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