Saturday, February 19, 2011


Elder Pulsipher • Bro. Anatoli • Elder Bubbs

Tonya and Toma

To the Family,

How are things in the ole' AZ? Things are.......................................cold here. Nothing new there ya.

Well I'm glad to hear that Todd decided to get baptized. That's a big step for that little boy.

Some news this week is that we had transfer calls and guess what? I am staying in XT3. Finally I don't have to pack up and move. I think that is pretty legit. But the crappy part about that is I am in a crappy apartment which just blows. I'll give details later.

Pulsy is going down to the Donboss. Poor little boy. He is going to miss Harkov. As of right now I don't know who my comp is going to be, but hopefully it is someone legit. So pray for that one for me. I will find out on Friday. Fingers crossed.

So this week wasn't very productive. We did A LOT of contacting. Not the best thing. We met with Bro. Anatoli and checked up on him. We just barely got our branches combined (XT3 and Новый Дома). It brought things up. We have about 70 people at church now so that is really good. Pulsy has been showing me the things about our area that I will need to know when he leaves because I might be senior next transfer. 

Mother thank you for the recipe. I will use it for shizzle. Well that's all for whats happening in Ukraine.

Much love,


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