Monday, February 21, 2011


Transfer Day---Elder Bubbs • Elder Young • Elder Scovil

Reunion with Elder Beck--Haven't seen him since arriving 

District from last transfer

Hello Family,

Well this week was transfer week and I got a new companion. His name is Elder Hazen and he is from Austin, Texas. And like all Texans he loves Texas very much. So to get you all updated on things. I am in the same area so I didn't move or anything. I just entered into my forth transfer out here in Ukraine so that is really good. Things are going by fast.

This last week was what us missionaries would call a "P-Week" because when we get transfered you spend the week saying goodbye to the members and packing and what not. So it's a chilling week for most. So as Pulsy packed and what not I read and stuff.

Sad news is, I'm not sure if I've mentioned yet, is that Sasha our investigator is not getting baptized anymore. Sadly, he has a huge problem with the polygamy that happened in our church. So that one fell through.
For the last two days Hazen and I hit XT3 hard. We went tracting and got three contacts. I hate tracting so much but I guess we gotta do it. We got in a weird conversation with this drunk guy and some lady about God and such. It was strange. She talked about there being like three gods and then just being one. I don't know it was weird. Then we tracted into this old lady and she said she wasn't interested then got mad at us and told us to leave her Padyezed and leave Ukraine cuz what we have is "Hay Nada" (Not Needed). So she just stood at her door as we knocked on the other doors and she was yelling at us until we finished with the other doors and left. It was pretty fun cuz Hazen was like its not right that you are throwing us out cuz you can't do that. So she was a very interesting lady.

We taught Ali on Sunday and we told him about why he needs to read the scriptures but we really didn't need to because he knows the Gospel really well, but we need to teach him the new member lessons so that's what we are doing.

This Transfer A LOT of people got transferred so we spent a while figuring out where everyone was going and who was coming to who. I was way off on my pick. But I got a good comp so I wasn't complaining about it.

It is still really cold here and I am not enjoying that too much. We all want the spring to come around so it can get warmer and it won't be so miserable.

Well I love and miss you all,


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