Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hello Family,

To start off, I hate the cold and I am sick of winter. I think it has been getting worse as it is supposed to ending and I don't like that very much. It is frustrating and your jaw freezes and you can't speak. Кошмар(Koshmar) means nightmare. They say it all the time.

This week was filled with a lot of contacting and tracting and moments that I could have done without but whatevs that's what its all about ya know. We got dogged on our Monday night lesson but we used that time to make some calls and set up for the rest of the week. So that was good. We had some lessons with less-actives and trying to get them to church more and I think we are going to get through to some of them. I know that the Lord's hand is in all this so I know it will work. Maybe not now but eventually. It's like what you said mom, I'm planting seeds. I think for a little while I might just be a planter for two years and then eventually other missionaries will come harvest my work. The field is white already to harvest. But my scripture would read, The field is brown and ready for plowing, so get in there and get the work done. I'm not a great scripture writer as you can see, but I hope you appreciate the effort I have put into that. ;) Like I said this week was filled with contacting and tracting.

So in answer to your question mother, Yes I am enjoying my new companion. He is a hard worker and he is kicking my butt. The language for me is hard. I speak a lot better than I understand, but I can hear it a lot better now. It's actually a language to me more than a blob. So that is better. I made the patatoe casserole and it was very good but we figured out some things. We need to cook the potatoes longer. We need more meat and more cheese. That was a trial run so we know now. Thank you for the recipe mother. We loved it. But one thing we don't have is cream of mushroom soup. They don't have that here. Maybe you could send me some in a package so I can have them for later. So that would be good. We made kind of a cream of chicken sauce for it and it wasn't the same but it was good.

So things for a package, hmmmm Flaming Hot Cheetos. You know me. Some other snacks that you would love to send me. I doubt you could get MT. Dew here. Hmmmm Gum cuz its expensive here. Like Stride. They don't have that here. Measuring cups as I said before. They are good to have. Some apartments don't have table spoons and measuring utensils and what not.

Well thank you all for your support and I love you all,


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